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Facts and Use

In experiments undertaken by marine biologists with several species of common Southern California Rockfish, including Vermilion, Flag, Squarespot and Honeycomb Rockfish, as well as Bocaccio, eighty-three percent of fish caught at depths between 66m (217ft) and 107m (350ft), survived when returned to depth within two minutes. The odds of a fish dying following recompression nearly doubled with every ten minute increase in time at the surface.

With the RokLees you simply unhook the fish and attach the open jaws of the RokLees to the lower jaw
 of the fish, which with the rubber tab on the outside protects the fish. We then gently lift the RokLees with
 fish attached over the rail and place it in the water. Descending the fish to at least 1/3 depth of capture we 
 then jerk up on the rod once or twice to release the fish. Tagging and recapture studies showed some 
 released fish were still alive eighteen months later. A marine biologist at the California Department of Fish 
 and Game documented the viability of returning fish to depth quickly as a means of increasing post-release
 survivorship in sport-caught rockfish.

Benefits of adopting RokLees include:
* Releasing fish at the right depth increases their chance of survival
* Significant ability to return a fish to its habitat unharmed
 (no piercing of fish or Fisherman's fingers or clothing)
* The practice of venting fish is still under research and may prove to be more harmful than good
* Major impact on the survival, conservation and growth of endangered species
* Allows sport fishing to continue unabated, which benefits the global business massively
* Extremely easy to use and no training required

Environmental Studies

Qualified university studies confirm the actual fishermen’s facts, that over the last ten to fifteen years the size of the Rockfish has reduced in size by approximately twenty percent along with a decrease in fish population. EcoLeeser would like licensed fishermen to be aware of the problem and support sound methods to returning the fish to their natural habitat after being caught.

EcoLeeser urges fishermen to please release unwanted fish. The RokLees provides the same benefit to other species of fish that can suffer from Barotrauma, such as fresh water bass, fisherman can successfully release their catch.

Use the RokLees as an important conservation tool that is beneficial to all because it helps preserve and grow our fish population for the future. 

The EcoLeeser RokLees Solution Differentiates Itself from Competitors By:

  • Providing a product that prevents injury to the fish and no piercing is required
  • Offering an easy to use product that works - simple mechanics
  • The device does not need to hit the sea bottom
  • Promotes a healthy sport fishing business
  • RokLees helps maintain and even increase the fish population

Valuable Tips for Trouble Free RokLees Operation

In order to increase the life of the device and keep it trouble free, these 
recommendations should be followed: 
  • After each fishing trip, be sure to rinse in fresh water and dry the device 
  • Fishing line will need to be replaced if it gets worn or damaged

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